Capsule Coffee Machines Or Simple Brew?

I n Italy coffee machine are common items for any house hold, and look something like this…

Capsule Coffee Machines Or Simple Brew? 1

are popular and in fact they can make very good coffee and commonly are referred as “Moka”, like the original one invented by Alfonso Bialetti back in 1933



the water is stored in the lower container with the ground coffee just above it, heat applied to the base will create pressure by the air above the water, as soon as it is close to the boiling point the water is pushed slowly trough the ground coffee, in to the upper container and the coffee is ready

coffee from a Moka is very similar to the Espresso even though technically must be brewed under at least 9 bar of pressure to be a real Espresso

Espresso in Italian means “fast” and the secret is the combination of many factors such as low time for the extraction, high temperature of the water and pressure

the result is a full flavoured, concentrated Coffee, with less caffeine than a normal brew and a distinctive aroma

with the introduction of Coffee Capsules there was an improvement on the way the Coffee is extracted as the pressure and temperatures are easier to control

The 4

for a perfect Espresso Coffee the water pressure is important, higher than 6 Bar is better, and also;

7 grams of ground coffee

water quantity 25/30ml

water temp. between 90°C and 96°C

coffee exctraction in around 20/25 sec


Coffee Capsules Machines are designed to work with this standard and are a real alternative to the professional machines from Coffee Shops

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